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Our Focus

Mainly focused on restructuring  young male behavior, self esteem and respect for themselves and one another. The program is designed  for young men at risk of dropping out of school between the ages of 11-18.

We take pride in reinstalling traditional family values and  tackling the variou issues that create a dysfunctinal family by providing early intervention and support systems.

Nationwide, more boys drop out of school than girls.  Dreams & Visions Manifested is working to continue coming up with strategic plans to counteract this behavior.

Dreams & Visions Manifested will continue to come up with an intervention at the earliest stages possible, because waiting for middle school or high school is too late. We know that  high school is tougher now than in years past. Michigan has made its curriculum tougher to reflect the job market's need for better-educated workers.

The program  has provided positive incentives and encouragement for young males to stay in school and out of crime, promoting a desire for continued education. It will educate the young males of the realities and destructiveness of using, selling or distributing mind altering substances such as alcohol, cocaine, prescriptions, snorting etc. or becoming fathers before marriage or without being skillfully employed.

Project Goals
•    Activities take place outside of normal school hours.
•    Encourage research of careers and develop financial skills
•    Develop character, proper etiquette and job shadowing.
•    Participate in workshops.
•    Assigned individual mentors.
•    Field trips.

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