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To Support via Donation*:
Please be advised that you are contributing to a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Please make payable to

Dreams & Visions Manifested

P.O. BOX 16164
Lansing, MI 48901

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Dreams & Visions Manifested is organized exclusively for non-profit:

Charitable: Assist individuals and organizations, raise funds and provide in-kind services towards charities and non-profit events.

Religious: Share in promoting faith-based activities, projects, programs, etc.

Educational Training/Coaching: Provide presentations, workshops and programs for the purposes of training groups. Topics include: Education in Business, Promotion, Advertisement, Planning and Product Development.

Consulting: Provide non-political faith based information, materials, directions, suggestions, and ideas, to encourage professional performance.

Empowerment & Motivation: Offer motivating workshops, conducted by trained personnel, Provide trained personnel to hold workshops and sessions to encourage, motivate, and share success methods and to demonstrate how to plan events and activities for a participants area of interest, etc.

Powerful Presentation Assistance: Provide classes/sessions help individuals successfully showcase their businesses, while increasing productivity, marketability and competitiveness.

Visual Displays: Setting up organizational windows and tables for expos, programs, ads and concerts in order to showcase talents, products or activities.

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