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I have worked almost a decade with Ms. Kim Milton.  She is a dynamic, hard working, and compassionate individual. Kim has a way of making me strive to be a better individual.  She encourages people to chase and catch their dreams.  Kim is a wonderful person that can definitely show you the way! 


Melinda Dexter, Official Court Reporter

I  have known Kim Milton to be a strong woman of God with outstanding work ethics. Kim always exhibits integrity as she flows effortlessly in the spirit of excellence. She is motivated by her passion which drives her to embrace, develop and nurture the dreams of others as though they were her own. As my personal business manager for my singing ministry, she has stepped up and gone above and beyond to make sure that every one of my events was done professionally with little or no stress to me so that I was empowered to focus on the ministry side of my business! I would and have highly recommended her exceptional services to others that dare to dream big and need a “mid-wife” that will not rest until she has done everything in her power for you to see your dreams and visions manifested.


LaNette Hester, Gospel Recording Artist
LaNette Hester Ministries​


I have had the privilege of working with Kim on planning community events within the City of Lansing. Her energy and organization skills make her such a wonderful person to collaborate with.  I look forward to working with Kim on future events and activities that ultimately benefit the community


Amanda Avilla, Talent Development Manager
Prima Civitas Foundation

Kim , “Faith without works is dead.” James 2:26 I know that you know you can’t just pray for success but you must see it, develop it and work it, and that is just what you do! I am so Godly proud of you and I can see you with the help of the Lord making many “Dreams and Visions” come true.

May God continue to bless you.


Cathy A. Morgan, Director
Divine Connection Event Planning & Consultation

If you're looking for someone to take your vision to the next level & get the job done right the first time, Kim Milton of Dreams & Visions Manifested is the right person for you. I've had the pleasure of working with Kim on several projects - she selflessly serves the community and is constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the image and productivity of others.

She's a "no-nonsense" individual - if you entrust her with your dream or vision I guarantee the outcome will be greater than you ever imagined!


Nyshell Lawrence, Visual Branding Stylist
Grace & Hustle Co.

Kim Milton, DREAMS, AND VISIONS MANIFESTED are second to none. Kim is a woman on purpose, in purpose, fulfilling purpose. She has a unique way of making dreams on any level come true. Kim’s no quitting concept provides real inspiration to any person with a dream. We consider Kim Milton to be The “General” Dream Coach, if you can dream it, she can manifest it. Kim’s professional honest style does not allow you to focus on what you cannot see; she focuses on what you want to see. Her no-nonsense approach to success is breath taking. Kim is and continues to be a blessing to us inspirationally and spiritually. She has the gift of encouraging you to believe even when you cannot see the dream is being manifested.

Kim was the motor we needed to start the engine of our dream success. Without Kim’s continual encouragement, met timelines, relentless coaching, and prayers “Renew You” would still be a dream. Kim has not only inspired us to believe in our dream on a bigger scale, she has inspired us to believe in our dream with passionate purpose. Filled with a wealth of information, Kim is a true walking dream maker.

Kim shares her skills to create, motivate, Inspire, and manifest your dreams tirelessly.  Her motto is “ You will get tired of me, quicker than I will of you”. At Dreams and Visions Manifested, dreams really do come true.


Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Veronica Arnold
Founders of "Renew You" Coaching Services

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