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Our organization supports the cause of volunteerism and community service:

DVM  has a long tradition of helping individuals, communities, organizations, businesses  and causes. Our goal is to sponsor and support community events that promote  the well-being of  community involvement and match the right volunteers to those events. Increased recognition and public awareness of the crucial role played by volunteers is one important way to help ensure the growth of our community service and of volunteerism.

  • We encourage  community involvement to promote volunteerism: We recruit the common person to give back to their neighbourhoods and community.

  • Help raise awareness: Teach, train and talk about volunteerism and distribute information to community members,  friends, family members and other interested people in our community and inform them of the benefit in volunteering.

  • Organize forums: Invite young people and youth organizations in our community to events and discuss the benefits of volunteering and how to encourage volunteerism.  Engage with other people in your community to share ideas and experiences from volunteering.

  • Network with other volunteer community organizations:  We corroborate with other  organizations in our community to assist with community based events.

  • Volunteer Pool: Match people in the specific areas to community organizations that need volunteers.

  • Train  Volunteers: By equipping them with skills, knowledge, and resources to perform at their maximum potential.

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