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Kim Milton-Mackey is a community outreach organizer whose focus is building community and campaign events that positively affect local communities. She has over 25 years of professional experience in advocating for social change and fighting for great causes that affect disadvantaged youth. Kim is highly-motivated and focused on enhancing the lives of others through service, self-esteem and team building.​


Kim’s community organizing and engagement abilities are vehicles for policy, system and environmental changes that can reduce gaps in various adverse opportunities between advantaged and disadvantaged groups.  Her mission is to strengthen existing organizations and their leadership, develop new leadership, and involve community leaders (volunteers) and youth in exciting and strategic issue and civic participation campaigns. ​

The services that she offers, will train volunteers to think and act strategically in relation to building community, organizations and campaigns.​


Mrs. Milton-Mackey is a lead organizer experienced in congregation centered community organizing to train, and organize community leaders to address local and regional issues such as education, health care, justice and non-violent issues.​

 Kim is well known for being a strategic thinker, able to inspire others to act, willing to take risks, self-motivated, and having a deep desire to work for racial and economic justice in our society. ​


Kim is well adverse in public speaking and communicating to a wide variety of social networks.  Her organization has helped plan and implement projects that served over 1,000 local youth and many adults. Dreams and Visions Manifested has been supported by Lansing Police Department, City of Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Ingham County, faith-based organizations and non-profit organizations.​​


Kim Milton-MAckey is very confident in her strategic management, planning and business writing skills. Operating in excellence, loyalty and faithfulness and being a strategic planner assisted her in pursuit of her lifelong passion to have a business in event planning and vision coaching. Kim also serves as a professional publicist, specializing in representing her client’s positive image in the eyes of the public.


Dreams & Visions Manifested was birthed out of a dream with the concept “If you dream or envision it, then it can be manifested into reality!”​​  


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